The models in Agent-based Modelling in Economics were developed using NetLogo 5.2.

In December 2016, NetLogo 6.0 was introduced. Some of the models failed to run at all under this new version and others have displayed intermittent errors. The problems found have been corrected but others may emerge with use.

Below the models are offered in both versions.

To download NetLogo

NetLogo can be downloaded from here:

You will be offered a choice of versions. We recommend that you use NetLogo 5.2 for running the models from the book.

(Note that you can use more than one version of NetLogo on your computer. However, a NetLogo file will always open using the latest version of NetLogo. So if you have both the latest version of NetLogo and NetLogo 5.2 on your computer, open NetLogo 5.2 and then use “File”, “Open” to access the model.)

To download the models files

To download the model files below, you may need to right-click on the filename and select the option (depending on your browser):
– Chrome: “Save link as…”
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– Internet Explorer: “Save target as…”

The models

Chapter 2 Starting Agent-based Modelling model
Market NetLogo 5.2
Market NetLogo 6.0

Chapter 3: Heterogeneous Demand models
Distribution of household budgets NetLogo 5.2
Distribution of household budgets NetLogo 6.0

Utility function-based demand NetLogo 5.2
Utility function-based demand NetLogo 6.0

Practical demand model NetLogo 5.2
Practical demand model NetLogo 6.0

Chapter 4: Social Demand models
Social circles NetLogo 5.2
Social circles NetLogo 6.0

Threshold NetLogo 5.2
Threshold NetLogo 6.0

Phone adoption NetLogo 5.2
Phone adoption NetLogo 6.0

Chapter 5: Benefits of Barter models
Edgeworth Box game NetLogo 5.2
Edgeworth Box game NetLogo 6.0

Edgeworth Box random NetLogo 5.2
Edgeworth Box random NetLogo 6.0

Red Cross Parcels NetLogo 5.2
Red Cross Parcels NetLogo 6.0

Chapter 6: The Market models
Cournot-Nash NetLogo 5.2
Cournot-Nash NetLogo 6.0

Shops NetLogo 5.2
Shops NetLogo 6.0

Digital world NetLogo 5.2
Digital world NetLogo 6.0

Chapter 7: Labour Market models
Wage distribution NetLogo 5.2
Wage distribution NetLogo 6.0

Job search NetLogo 5.2
Job search NetLogo 6.0

Guildford labour market NetLogo 5.2
Guildford labour market NetLogo 6.0

Chapter 8: International Trade
International Trade model NetLogo 5.2
International Trade model NetLogo 6.0

Chapter 9: Banking
Banking model NetLogo 5.2
Banking model NetLogo 6.0

Chapter 10: The Tragedy of the Commons
Carrying capacity NetLogo 5.2
Carrying capacity NetLogo 6.0

Meadow management NetLogo 5.2
Meadow management NetLogo 6.0


If you use any of these models in your work, please cite the book, as well as giving the URL for the website from which you downloaded the program and the date on which you downloaded it.


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